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Population   :

1931         : n.a.

1944/45     : n.a.



Al-Hamra’ Before 1948


The village, classified as a hamlet by the Palestine index Gazetteer, was located on the lower slopes of the Golan Heights. It overlooked the al-Hula Plain on all sides except the east and faced the village of al-Muftakhira, about 1 km to the northwest Wadi al-Dufayla, which drained the Golan Heights, flowed between the two villages in a northeast-southwest direction, turning sharply to the south below al-Muftakhira.



Occupation and Depopulation


Israeli military intelligence claimed that the residents of al-Hamra’, fearing an attack by Zionist forces, fled in panic on 1 May. The residents of Khiyam al-Walid and Ghuraba (1 km southeast and 3 km south of the village, respectively) left their villages on the same day. Al-Hamra’ was seized during Operation Ylitach (see Abil aI-Qamh, Safad District). No men­tion is made of the villagers’ destination or the ultimate fate of the village itself.



Israeli Settlements on Village Lands


The settlement of Shamir, established in 1944, is about 2 km northeast of the site; it is not on village lands.



The Village Today


The entire site is fenced in and serves as an Israeli cow pasture . Two houses built of stone without mortar stand on the site. The remains of some black basalt walls are also visible.


al-Khalidi.  All That Remains

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