1939:     527

1944/45: 830


Hurfeish Before 1948


The village is located to the northwest of Safad.  According to al-Dabbagh, its name is, most likely, a corruption of the Syriac word “Herpushia” meaning cockroach or dung beetle.  Its area is 91 Dunumes, and owns 16904 Dunums of lands. The area of lands of olive trees is 278 Dunums.  Most of the villagers are Druses.  In 1945 the population consisted of 780 Druses, 30 Christians and 20 Muslims.




The village was conquered in 1948. 50% of population remained in the village. 60% of the land has been usurped by Israel.


The Village Today:


In 1961 the population was around 1200.  Most of them are Druses.




Al-Dabbagh. Biladuna Filastin, volume 6, part 2